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builders, hustlers.
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Who we are

Born of the unicorns of Chicago, innovation, excellence, and speed are embedded in our culture.

We work as growth innovators, changemakers, and true partners with ambitious startups, savvy enterprises, and haloed unicorns to achieve amazing breakthroughs.

Our growth highlights

Our team

We are led by a dynamic and experienced leadership team, who roll up their sleeves and work in tandem with you to pursue actionable solutions that deliver results.

Raghu Potini


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Trevor Benson

Sales & Partnerships

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Nandita Tiwari

Sales & Partnerships

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Praveen Salitra

Director of Technology

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Matthew Maple

Business Development

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Carolyn Pelkowski

Director of Brand and Growth Strategy

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Anil Kumar

Director - India Operations

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Kavita Mistry

Director - Talent and Partnerships

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Core values

Our core values are an active part of everything we do. Each one reminds us to stay true to ourselves while driving amazing outcomes for our clients.

Own it

We believe the buck stops with us. We believe in taking on your challenges as our own. When it comes to Egen, there is no ‘us’ and ‘you’ - there’s only ‘we’ in our world.

Aim for infinity

Infinity isn’t for dreamers - it’s for doers. Sure, we might not hit it every time but we don’t believe in aiming lower. We’re out to wow - no B plusses on our report cards.

Crunch complexity

We absorb complexity and deliver simplicity. It takes a lot more smarts to grapple with data and simplify it, than to complicate.

We believe a true partnership leads to amazing

Creating value and seeing our clients succeed means everything to us. So we get into the trenches with you to understand the real problem, then offer peer to peer advice and a tailored approach. We believe the best work happens when we are one unified team.

We believe both speed and precision matter

We have pulled off some of the most complex projects in incredibly crunched time frames. But we don’t want to just help you win the first-to-market race, we want you to stay ahead of the rest. Which is why we focus so much on quality and precision.

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