Egen Solutions and SpringML have merged to unleash the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms for organizations. Our combined company is now named Egen.

We are excited to bring together our two companies, joining platform engineering expertise and experience with data, AI, analytics, and cloud capabilities to strengthen the impact and value we deliver for organizations advancing their digital journeys.

You can expect the same high standards from us as we combine forces to bridge technology and human empowerment.

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White paper

How The Best Companies Use Data to Build Better Products and Experiences

Why is Disney investing billions of dollars into a wristband?

Why does Walmart care when it’s going to rain?

Why does Target launch their swimwear collection in the winter?

And since we’re asking the hard questions: Why is it that some Ice cream parlors consistently sell more Ice cream in the winter than they do in the summer?

The answer to many of these questions can be boiled down to one single word: data. Data informs these businesses on how to make proactive decisions that, at first glance, seem illogical. So, let’s get these questions answered.

  • Data & Analytics
  • Business Strategy

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