Egen Solutions and SpringML have merged to unleash the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms for organizations. Our combined company is now named Egen.

We are excited to bring together our two companies, joining platform engineering expertise and experience with data, AI, analytics, and cloud capabilities to strengthen the impact and value we deliver for organizations advancing their digital journeys.

You can expect the same high standards from us as we combine forces to bridge technology and human empowerment.

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Let's lead the future.

You ideate, we'll create. You navigate, we'll accelerate. You conceptualize, we'll revolutionize.

As builders of amazing, we're passionate about disruptive ideas. Armed with experience in building for the unicorns of Chicago, we've developed a proven process to redefining industries with purpose.

And building at unthinkable speeds. Forget about competing - it's time to lead.

A great product isn't a collection of features. It's how it all works together.
Tim Cook

Our Capabilities

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Accelerated Data Hub
  • Digital API Fabric
  • Machine Learning and AI


A strong strategy yields remarkable results. We implement modern design thinking methods and the Design Sprint Process to create your product, with minimal risk and delays.

What we do:

  • Business Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Technology Strategy


We design to disrupt. An empathetic, user-focused design combined with ML-powered, modern technology helps us build smart, intuitive products.

We start with a click-through prototype, delivered in 5 days. Then, we iteratively improve every aspect for agility, quality, and scalability.

What we do:

  • Qualitative and quantitative user research
  • User journey design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Platform architecture
  • Information architecture
  • Customer experience design
  • User interface design
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Application design leveraging AI, ML, and geospatial data
  • Predictive model design
  • Data visualization
  • Internal proposal strategy
  • Communication design

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud technology is the foundation of a scalable, resilient platform. It powers industry disruption by minimizing time-to-market and operational costs.

We combine our experience of launching cloud-native unicorns with modern cloud architecture. We give you a launchpad to reach for the clouds; and fly past.

What we do:

  • Immutable infrastructure with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Terraform to spin up cloud services seamlessly
  • Kubernetes clusters for high availability and auto-scaling
  • Event driven architecture using Apache Kafka or cloud-native Pub/Sub services
  • Monitoring, alerting, and observability stack for application services using Elastic Stack, Splunk, or Influx
  • Continuous integration and deployment pipelines using serverless CI/CD services

Accelerated Data Hub

We harmonize your data by orchestrating a seamless data layer. It accepts diverse sets of data into the platform, applies customized rules, and validates your data. All this, to make your data work for you.

What we do:

  • Event-driven data pipelines to respond to events through a distributed platform.
  • Rules engine to apply configurable business rules on the inbound data to maintain quality.
  • Set up data ingestion services for real-time data streaming.
  • Crunching huge volumes of complex structured and unstructured data with Spark based batch processing

Digital API Fabric

Partnerships can make or break your business. To make the process seamless, we implement an open, dynamic, and secure API strategy. We simplify partner integrations, so you can grow whenever, wherever.

What we do:

  • Common API that can integrate with multiple third-party services
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) service
  • API-based special authentication and unique authorization services
  • Webhooks, Server-Sent Events, and Websockets to enable real-time communication with external integrations
  • Integrations with push-notifications, emails, and other alerting service
  • Platform APIs to deliver white-label versions
  • API Performance Management using Elastic APM, Splunk, or Datadog

Machine Learning and AI

We implement powerful algorithms that deliver insights into your future. By uncovering hidden trends in your business, our engine offers intelligent, real-time recommendations. Accelerate your business, by letting data drive your decisions.

What we do:

  • Building Customer Data Platforms to track customer behaviors
  • Setting up recommendation systems
  • Real-time dashboards to provide detailed insights
  • Building voice and chatbot-based channels for customer support and delivery notifications
  • Deploy simpler Analytical models using cloud-native services and integrate them with the applications

Our process: The 5 Ds of Disruption



Explore mineable insights.


  • Understand your business goals and customers
  • Gather valuable insights from user research
  • Technology requirements
  • Focused, data-driven hypothesis
  • KPIs and success metrics


Mapping the user journey.


  • Unprecedented launch paths
  • User journeys and core workflows
  • Detailed Information Architecture
  • Product features set for MVP
  • Platform strategy for Web, Desktop, iOS, Android
  • Technology integration approach


User-focused design sprints.


  • High-velocity design sprints
  • Design thinking frameworks and empathy to understand the utility
  • Intuitive UX design
  • Detailed interaction design
  • Pixel-perfect visual design
  • Branding and visual identity


Build. Test. Iterate.


  • Minimum Viable Product design reviews
  • Frequent check-ins
  • Real-time feedback from customers
  • Time to market strategy


Hand-off process, hands-on support.


  • File handoff for engineering
  • Robust visual design library
  • Codified design process
  • Early signal around KPIs and success metrics
  • Ongoing design advisory for strategy and support
When searching for the right technology partner, Egen immediately stood out. The quality and consistency of their work is far above any other group we spoke with, they bring deep technological expertise to the table, and they are truly invested in developing collaborative partnership.
Jason Rush, IT Director
Peapod Digital Labs

What makes us great partners

speed to market

We understand what it takes to build fast. Really fast. In just 12 weeks, we can take your product idea from user research to deployment.


Having taken innumerable products across the finish line, we know what it takes to get there. We'll walk with you every step of the way, advising and executing.

Unicorn-tested strategies

You'll gain access to our comprehensive toolkit containing functional plans and techniques used to build for iconic startups from Chicago.

Platforms we work on

Advanced technologies and platforms are constantly evolving. We have solid experience and partnerships with leading cloud providers, data analytics companies, and AI and machine learning tools which allow us to maximize the true potential for our clients.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Kafka
  • Elastic
  • Confluent
  • Snowflake

Launch Insights

Our collective fate demands better, faster, more innovative modes of thinking.
Explore our ebooks, whitepaper, blogs, and more to learn about our cloud and data competency.