Cloud Collective: Real-time Data Integration with Webhooks

Presented by

Arif Lakhani

Presented on

Oct 01, 2021

  • Technical Deep Dive
  • Cloud
  • Data & Analytics

Let's talk about ways to integrate and push data out to external systems in near real-time with polling, streaming, and Webhooks.

Cloud Collective is a meetup for technologists interested in the Cloud Native approach towards developing and deploying web & mobile applications, streaming analytics, ETL pipelines, microservices, containers, functions, and applying Infrastructure as Code principles for automating infrastructure on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.  In this recorded meetup, we focus on polling, streaming, and Webhooks.

Here are a few things covered in this video:
1. Overview of Polling, Streaming, and Webhook Integrations
2. Webhook Architecture: Registration, Security, API clients
3. A quick demo of Webhook implementation
4. Takeaways

If you enjoyed this talk, join our cloud collective meetup here ► and participate in our next meetup!

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