A crash course into CI/CD services

Presented by

Varun Nandu

Presented on

Oct 01, 2021

  • Technical Deep Dive
  • Cloud

Let's talk about serverless CI/CD services provided by the Cloud Providers - we'll review the options and look at how to configure them.

Cloud Collective is a meetup for technologists interested in the Cloud Native approach towards developing and deploying web & mobile applications, streaming analytics, ETL pipelines, microservices, containers, functions, and applying Infrastructure as Code principles for automating infrastructure on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

This CI/CD crash course will help you understand exactly what managed CI/CD services from AWS, Azure, GCP, and GitHub are, how to configure them, and also the pros and cons of each vs. a self-hosted one.

If you enjoyed this talk, join our cloud collective meetup here ► https://www.meetup.com/cloud-collective/ and participate in our next meetup!

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