Team as a Service (TaaS)

I want to hire a Team Onsite

Describe your ideal team and we provide you with the perfect match. Skip the entire process of scouting, hiring, and onboarding individual employees and hire an entire dedicated team in one fell swoop.

I want to work with a Team Remotely

Outsource your entire software development project to our engineering team while your staff is occupied with other business functions. Hire the expertise you need for short or long term projects.

I want best of both worlds - Hybrid Model

As long as the facilities are available to our developers, they can work both in your offices and in our development centers, completely understanding and following your corporate vision.

Our Methodologies

Achieving app and product design excellence requires a measured, focused approach. Egen uses Agile methodologies
and Design Sprint to ensure the outcome matches your vision, and meets all of your goals and objectives.

Design Sprint

We offer consistent quality that extends to every tier of application development. By using Design Sprints, we can help you solve your more pressing business challenges by understanding, ideating, deciding, prototyping and testing ideas in just one week.

Agile Practitioners

Agile isn't simply a methodology whose principles and values we follow in our software development process. It's how we work.


If you build today, you do not want to reboot in two years. From the beginning we start out with a scalable product or service, so that with growth you can scale up or after peak usage linked to special events you can scale back down.

Let's Talk Technology

Our core technology stack includes latest and proven frameworks
in application, data, and cloud engineering.

Are You Ready to Hire a Team?

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