Data Engineering Capabilities

To maximize your company’s productivity, our team will find the hidden inefficiencies
in how you develop and operate your production software systems.

  • Real-Time Data Ingestion We make it simple to ingest data from many business sources. From there, we orchestrate and automate data preparation, while maintaining a clean data catalog for self-service data discovery.
  • Data Pipelines Real-time data pipelines are needed across business and technical domains. Moving, transforming, and integrating data is a starting point for all digital transformation efforts, regardless of the business it happens in.
  • Data Lake & Storage A data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data "as-is" at any scale. It's ideal to run different types of analytics and visualizations from dashboards.
  • Data Analytics Off the shelf ML algorithms allow businesses to efficiently predict future outcomes, and even preemptively take action, based on insights from terabytes of business data.
  • Data Visualization Our team will assist in finding insights that your business hadn’t looked at or even had reports of before. With our data visualization services, you’ll receive faster answers and greater insights.