Application Development Capabilities

These are the factors that go into creating
the app your business needs.
Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Apps

We are always delivering app services with greater efficiency and flexibility that utilize multi-tenant fabric. Our application-centric lifestyle has paved the way for greater innovation and larger demands. By moving to an all-active multi-tenant fabric, our team can ensure you meet your customer demands by delivering the necessary application services.


Your users demand seamless connectivity and information on varying devices and interfaces. Our team will leverage single code base as business benefits grow exponentially with component usage. The time, efforts, and costs required to build a second app are much lower than the first, and the resources required for the third continue to decrease.

Configurable App Security

The main goal of any DevOps setup within an organization is to improve the delivery of value for both the business and the customer. Because of this, different organizations could need different team structures in order for an effective Dev and Ops collaboration to take place. Our team will help you drive everything in place for maximum insight.

Microservice Architecture

Most of the traditional enterprise systems are either all-in-one or all-or-nothing. If your business has been struggling with a monolithic enterprise system that is difficult to scale and maintain, and even harder to understand, our team can help. By decomposing your existing monolithic systems, we’ll develop a more resilient, decoupled microservices architecture.

Automated Test Frameworks

With today’s technology, producing high-quality apps is not an option -- it’s a necessity. The role of a QA is more complex than ever before. Since our team continuously wears many hats, we’ll combine modern software tools, automation, and analytics to help achieve high-quality apps that you need to thrive in the modern app economy.

Our Accelerators

We get valuable products to market faster through our agile
methodologies and internal development assets.

Design & Architecture Sprints - Less planning, more doing

A click-through prototype is worth a thousand meetings. Instead of spending the first week of an engagement building a project plan, we start the engagement process with a 5-day intensive sprint to build a prototype that the business and IT teams can use to support their vision for the product.

Automatic Deployments - A streamlined approach to deploying software

Our team has built scripts to help automate your software delivery process to enable automatic build, test, and deploy as your code changes. This is essential to achieve an improved release frequency and quality. 

Application Modules - Built in diagnostics, monitoring and notifications

With real-time monitoring, real-time diagnostics, alerts, and notifications, you’ll have a wide variety of capabilities for your application environment on its first day.

Enterprise User Management - Keep your users happy and secure

Whether your web or mobile application is used by a few people or a few thousand people, our user management accelerator has built-in automation and flexible customization.