Egen Solutions and SpringML have merged to unleash the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms for organizations. Our combined company is now named Egen.

We are excited to bring together our two companies, joining platform engineering expertise and experience with data, AI, analytics, and cloud capabilities to strengthen the impact and value we deliver for organizations advancing their digital journeys.

You can expect the same high standards from us as we combine forces to bridge technology and human empowerment.

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Reimagining Retail

How are retailers adapting experiences, products, and operations to delight consumers? Innovation is the name of the game, and there's no consolation prize. Smart retailers are modernizing their tech stacks, embracing the cloud, and leveraging data to help them launch new offerings - in new ways - in new markets - at blazing speed.


Egen is one of the leading digital innovation partners to some of the world's largest retailers and grocers. Together, we've tackled their toughest challenges using cutting-edge technologies.

Hyper-personalized product recommendations across 10,000+ SKUs? Delivered. Reduced $500k in operational expenses in under 6 months? Check. Slashed delivery times from two days to two hours? No sweat.

What we do

Turn Shoppers into Buyers. And Buyers into Loyalists.

Explore the end-to-end technology solutions used by leading retailers to increase customer acquisition, automate operations, and accelerate last-mile delivery.


Deliver Relevant, Personalized Consumer Experiences

  • Omni-Channel Commerce
  • Unified Customer Data Platforms
  • Hyper-personalization and Customer Loyalty


Drive Cost Savings Through Optimized Store Operations

  • Predictive Demand Forecasting
  • Intelligent Inventory and Merchandising
  • Store-level Operational Efficiency


Slash Turnaround Times with Last-Mile Delivery & Fulfillment

  • Smart Picking and Routing
  • Curbside Pickup and Smart Locker Solutions
  • 3rd-Party Delivery

Bolster Your Tech and
Digital Capabilities

Retailers must quickly adapt to new customer behaviors and market changes to deliver consistent and engaging customer experiences. Luckly, it's never been easier to create seamless customer experiences across channels at scale.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, retailers can grow digital and omnichannel revenue, drive operational improvements, lower the cost of doing business, and make more informed data-driven decisions.

  • Acquire
  • Automate
  • Accelerate


Deliver Relevant, Personalized Consumer Experiences

For retailers to deliver relevant, convenient, and personalized experiences, they need quick and easy access to customer data across the value chain.

Omni-Channel Commerce

Create an immersive, unified shopping experience in-person and online from the first click to the last mile. Be everywhere your customers buy, whether it's on mobile, desktop, or third-party apps with a fast, flexible platform that unifies point-of-sale and ecommerce systems under one umbrella.

Unified Customer Data Platforms

Break down data silos and gain a holistic view of the customer across the organization. A unified Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows retailers to operate from a ‘single source of truth,' make data-driven decisions, and share insights across the business. Advanced and predictive analytics enable teams to extract rich insights they can act on, improve demand forecasting, and mitigate risks.

Hyper-personalization and Customer Loyalty

Personalize marketing and other touch points across the customer journey to increase acquisition and retention. AI-driven personalized promotions and product recommendations allow retailers to improve connections with customers, increase eCommerce and in-store traffic, and provide an excellent, tailored shopping experience. And, post-transaction, AI-powered chat and voice bots efficiently and effectively deliver 24/7 personalized customer service, leading to greater loyalty.


Drive cost savings through optimized store operations

Retailers need to quickly and accurately anticipate customer demand and ensure they have the right products, at the right place, at the right time.

Predictive Demand Forecasting

Combine your sales history, inventory, and product catalogs with pricing and promotional data, intent data (like search history), and geographic factors across all channels to optimize inventory levels and deliver what your customers want exactly when they need it.

Intelligent Inventory and Merchandising

By implementing real-time inventory performance analytics, reduce the amount of time spent manually collecting, arranging, and presenting data, and make more efficient purchasing decisions. Understanding real-time buying behaviors will also drive new levels of profitability and sales efficiency.

Smarter Store-Level Operations

The in-store experience is rapidly evolving to become more dynamic and individualized. Technology is enabling unique, 1-1 purchase experiences, optimized store layouts, and frictionless checkout experiences. Soon, no two shopping experiences will be alike.


Slash Turnaround Time with Last-Mile Delivery & Fulfillment

Modernize end-to-end fulfillment and omnichannel e-commerce – FAST – with a turnkey delivery orchestration solution.

Smart Picking and Routing

Smart picking applications and devices used in-store, including real-time messaging and communication, drive efficiency within the pick and pack process, allowing retailers to get orders to customers faster. When it comes to delivery, Smart Routing apps give drivers visibility into their entire route including the number of parcels per order, time to the next stop, customer notes, digital invoices, and a calling feature to connect with customers. Rerouting is completely automated to account for canceled orders, re-delivery is scheduled if a customer wasn't home, and geofencing ensures drivers never miss a delivery by displaying alerts for any undelivered items.

Curbside Pickup and Smart Locker Solutions

Shoppers using curbside pickup expect a speedy and smooth handoff. GPS location intelligence and alert services allow stores to capture customer order data and notify store managers of parking lot arrival times. Smart lockers are another innovative way to eliminate the need to go in-store and wait in line, while also reducing reliance on staff to run orders out. They allow retailers to utilize innovative pickup zones such as airports and gas stations, and integrate with partner apps such as Instacart, Shipt, and Reef.

3rd-Party Delivery

Retailers can engage 3rd-party logistics and distributed network services offered by companies such as Instacart and Reef to augment their own delivery infrastructures. These platforms allow companies to offer 24/7, on-demand delivery options with dedicated couriers and fleets, while also leveraging eco-friendly methods of transport for last-mile fulfillment. Launching delivery services into previously unavailable zip codes means grocers can delight more customers and create greater brand loyalty.

Fireside Chat with
Hubert Joly

Egen recently sat down with Hubert Joly, former CEO and Chairman of Bestbuy, to hear his remarkable turnaround story at this iconic retailer.

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