Egen Solutions and SpringML have merged to unleash the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms for organizations. Our combined company is now named Egen.

We are excited to bring together our two companies, joining platform engineering expertise and experience with data, AI, analytics, and cloud capabilities to strengthen the impact and value we deliver for organizations advancing their digital journeys.

You can expect the same high standards from us as we combine forces to bridge technology and human empowerment.

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How does your omni-channel strategy stack up?

What happens when traditional retailers and challenger brands go head-to-head to create future-ready solutions across the customer journey? Our team put top companies to the test.

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Bolster Your Tech and Digital Capabilities

Retailers must quickly adapt to new customer behaviors and market changes to deliver consistent and engaging customer experiences. Luckly, it's never been easier to create seamless customer experiences across channels at scale.

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  • Accelerate

Marketplaces Expand your product offerings to strengthen customer loyalty and generate new revenue with less risk than a traditional wholesale model.

Mobile Commerce Responsive, next-gen mobile apps deliver a consistent, scalable experience across platforms while meeting your operational business demands.

Hyper-personalization and Customer Loyalty AI-driven targeted promotions, product recommendations, search, and 24/7 customer service improve customer connections and loyalty.

Smarter Store-level Operations Make your in-store experience more efficient and dynamic with smart picking apps, 1-1 purchase experiences, and frictionless checkout.

Micro-Fulfillment Center Automation Improve proximity to customers with hyper-local MFCs to shorten delivery turn around times and improve online order fulfillment.

Modern Product Information Management (PIM) Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline visual category management, enable smart search, and integrate with 3rd-party platforms .

Smart Routing Smart routing apps provide drivers with greater route visibility, including automated re-routing, live chat, and geofencing alerts, to fulfill orders faster.

Curbside Pickup and Smart Lockers GPS location and alert services notify stores of parking lot arrival times. Smart lockers increase site efficiency and throughput capabilities by 2X.

3rd-party Delivery 3rd party integrations and services can augment existing delivery infrastructures, allowing retailers to offer 24/7, on-demand delivery into new areas.

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