Integra Connect:

Making life-saving
healthcare faster and
more affordable
with AI

In a byte

Integra Connect, a speciality healthcare company, wanted to scale its data analytics and Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) platform to boost onboarding efficiency, kickstart data ingestion, and automate the data pipeline.

What we did

We built Integra Connect a future-ready platform that reduced data ingestion costs by 99.4% and accelerated onboarding process from 4 months to 4 minutes, helping Integra Connect save lives, globally.


  • Data Lakes
  • Data Pipelines
  • Data Conversion
  • OCR Processing
  • NLP
  • Data Extraction
  • API Fabric
  • Web Application

The impact


Reduced on-boarding time from 4 months to
4 minutes


Cut down
data ingestion costs
by 99.4%


Brought down analysis cost per patient from $180 to $1

A healthcare system in need of revival.

Integra Connect’s aging legacy onboarding system was sluggish. Onboarding new customers into the data analytics platform took 2-4 months, while onboarding customers to the EHR platform took between 6 months and a year.

To add to its problems, the data pipeline had to be monitored daily through an obsolete, manual process that delayed reporting of critical health issues.

The system needed urgent resuscitation.
A new lease on life.

Modernizing healthcare with AI.

We worked with Integra Connect to create an AI platform that enables data acquisition, curation, and dissemination in real-time.

We used the latest event-streaming architecture, combined with microservices for agility and responsiveness to change.

By introducing serverless architecture, Integra Connect achieved modern scalability and efficiency while reducing the total cost of ownership.

TREAT-ing healthcare.

The result of our partnership was TREAT: a Technologically Relevant, Efficient, Agile, and Toughened solution. TREAT modernized Integra Connect to give patients a revolutionary healthcare experience that boasted the following results:

Accelerated onboarding from 4 months to 4 minutes.

Reduced cost of data ingestion by 99.4% - from $180 to $1.

Strengthened data integrity and quality through single-source of truth architecture.

Improved patient care with real-time contextual information as reference diagnosis and treatment choices.

The dramatically reduced total cost of ownership with a significant transition of investments from CapEx to OpEx.

Customized diagnostic alerts to support teams that allow for root-cause analysis and facilitation of preemptive and proactive remediation of issues, resulting in high availability and reduced downtime.

With TREAT, Egen equipped Integra Connect to save more lives with its visionary healthcare services.


  • JavaScript

  • .NET

  • Python

  • SSIS

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • Azure Data Lake

  • Mirth Connect

  • Databricks

  • Snowflake

  • Powershell

  • Azure DevOps

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