Our client has hundreds of grocery locations around North America and was looking for a better way to use digital to improve the daily activities of their staff. Because of their traditional ways of managing store operations with pen and paper, they weren’t able to retrieve insights into their store associates performance. This led to incomplete tasks, unstacked shelves, higher on-boarding, and training costs as well as increased turnover storewide.

We worked with our client to design and implement a new mobile and web solution that tracked the progress of their store associates’ daily activities in real-time. The digital solution assists with the associates’ compliance during store opening and follow-ups throughout the day. For example, employee opening checklists, documentation of coolers and freezers, cleaning lists, safety lists, and anything else each store and department specifically needs to document.

Now, store associates have an android application that allows them to document their completion of activities as it happens and provide their managers with real-time feedback of when those activities are completed.  The new solution allows store managers to get a deeper understanding of each associate’s daily performance and make better data-driven solutions, which was never possible prior to this solution.

Here’s how we did it

We digitized and automated key business processes

Prior to implementing this digital solution, stores were using pen and paper to document the compliance of their employees. However, due to the busyness of retail managers and store associates, it was hard to get a comprehensive review of each employee, and they were forced to rely on their gut and feedback from co-workers.

Through several in-person walkthroughs, we were able to experience the store associates’ and managers’ daily activities to help inform our design. We identified and documented customer journeys, behavioral and heuristic analysis, identified key use cases of employee and manager activities, and through that research, we established which processes could be digitized and automated.

The result is that store managers now have access to data they never had before at a daily, weekly and monthly level. They know which employees are performing and which employees need additional training.

We made the experience beautiful and seamless for store associates and managers

The activities a store associate goes through on an hourly basis are extremely time-consuming, so we knew that adding a mobile interface to a solution could potentially be a hindrance to their success.

Considering this was the first solution of its kind, we deployed iterative prototypes that team members were allowed to interact with to get feedback on the solution we were creating which allowed us to do quicker releases.

These intentional activities enabled us to cut down on unnecessary screens and interactions and allow store associates to do their core activities without being bogged down by another solution to input their data.

We helped store managers make better operational decisions using real-time data generated from our solution

There are two main benefits to this app:

1 — Store Managers could understand at a high level which employees were performing their tasks consistently and which associates needed additional training.

2 — With access to operational data at individual associate and store level, store managers and regional managers could now optimize associate processes with more confidence. The initial findings show that this digital solution brought an overall positive impact on store performance.

Most importantly, this solution is the start of many more digital solutions that will enhance their business. Reach out to digital@egen.solutions if you’re interested in learning how digital can help your business grow.