In a fast-moving market like the retail sector, responsiveness, nationwide coverage and delivering a consistently high-quality service is a table stake. Egen was approached by a major retail brand, a specialist in the world of Grocery delivery, to help the company with the complete rehaul of its digital platform so it can manage its ever-increasing volume of data to compete with digital native startups that were chipping away its market share.

Our client needed a trusted partner with in-depth retail experience to assist with the design, deployment and project management of this major initiative while working in a live retail environment, a partner that could manage the project economically with minimum downtime and with minimum disruption whilst reacting quickly and efficiently to the requirements.

The existing platform was outdated in terms of volume, performance, and cost per transaction unit. The challenge was to completely rethink the architecture so that the company could future proof itself and compete effectively with the everchanging retail business environment. This new platform needed to be able to handle an increasing number of orders and process an enormous volume of information without disrupting the current business processes.

We proposed a solution that consisted of a system that was decentralized, had distributed architecture, used microservices and API’s to support big data processing in near real-time.

Project rollout

The team at Egen delivered the project using agile methods, creating a Proof of Concept (POC) for approving choices and confirming expected performance, developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the technical and functional components, and establishing a Proof of Delivery (POD) for the launch of the project.

A number of different activities were carried out to achieve the end result.

The team:

  • designed a distributed database with decentralized processing;
  • developed intelligent connectors
  • gathered real-time data on customer order requests
  • created predictive algorithms;
  • made sure the teams at our client could work autonomously by involving them in the development of the solution.


The final platform uses the same technology and architecture that is used by big tech companies. It is capable of growing and process orders and information at the same pace as the leaders in this category. And the length of time it takes to generate customer order fulfillment is now approaching real-time.