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How an HC & Tech Services Provider Optimized Scalability, Agility, and Security

Written by

Lia Parisyan-Schmidt

Published on

Apr 21, 2023

Reading time

2 min read

  • Business Strategy
  • Cloud
  • Scale
  • Security

Discover how a human capital and tech services provider unlocked the power of cloud infrastructure to optimize scalability, agility, and security.

A human capital and technology services provider with multiple departments handling massive amounts of data had difficulty seamlessly and efficiently onboarding new data products and departments.

The company had a complex on-premises system and lacked streamlined DevOps or CI/CD processes. Egen was tasked with transitioning the company's infrastructure to the cloud, enabling them to handle their growing data requirements and onboard new departments and data products with ease.


  • Scalability: The company's infrastructure had to be flexible and scalable to accommodate the continuous onboarding of new data products and departments.
  • Complexity: The company had multiple data products, departments, and legacy systems due to acquisitions, which increased the complexity of the cloud migration process.
  • Data Security: Dealing with PII data, the company required strict access controls and permissions to protect sensitive information.


Egen developed a tailored DevOps process and implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and GitHub. This enabled the provisioning of S3 buckets, security groups, IAM roles, managed policies, custom policies, and other necessary resources.

By implementing these CI/CD processes, Egen teams enabled the company to onboard any number of departments to the cloud faster and smoother.

Key Benefits:

  1. Scalability: With the new cloud infrastructure, the company can easily onboard new departments and data products, including those from newly acquired companies.
  2. Agility: The company gained confidence in the speed and efficiency of their cloud infrastructure, leading to faster deployments and increased responsiveness to change requests.
  3. Security: Using GitHub for access control and permissions management ensured that PII data was protected and unauthorized cross-querying between data products was prevented.


  • Seamless Onboarding: The company's cloud migration enabled seamless and faster onboarding of new departments and data products, allowing for more agile growth.
  • Increased Confidence: Egen's implementation of cloud infrastructure and streamlined processes improved the company's confidence in their ability to scale and manage their data products.
  • Cost Optimization: By transitioning to the cloud, the company can optimize costs associated with their infrastructure and reduce the resources needed for managing on-premises systems.

Egen's successful cloud migration project demonstrated the benefits of adopting modern DevOps practices and cloud infrastructure.

With enhanced scalability, agility, and security, the company is now better equipped to handle their growing data and onboarding requirements.

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