Staying Agile with Teams as a Service (TaaS)

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Sep 06, 2018

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Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company, partnering with experts in TaaS is a great way to ignite innovation as you hit the ground running on new and upcoming tasks and projects.

In today’s market, it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a large business, it’s an absolute must that you stay competitive and have an edge up against your competition. To do so, your business needs to use its limited resources in a smarter and more efficient way than your other companies within your same market. One of the ways to achieve this it by staying agile. To be an agile company, you’ll need to have the mindset of employing small teams that are focused on delivering updates and finishing projects quickly.

One of the ways your business can remain agile and quickly pivot to stay ahead of your competitors is through Teams-as-a-Service (TaaS). When you go the route of insourcing using TaaS, you are creating a team of developers or contracts that you hire. These team members do not work directly for the company, but they do work in your office. Having your team members in one place improves communication, allows for the rapid development of new features, and provides your business with a large workforce without the need for a long-term commitment.

Partnering with a company who specializes in TaaS, like Egen, is a great methodology for enabling your company to gain solid ground over the tech curve and enable progression at a rapid pace.

Where Flexibility and Scalability Combine

One of the benefits of utilizing TaaS is that you can quickly ramp up and down new staff members.  TaaS gives your business flexibility to easily adjust to whatever is on the horizon. If a surplus of projects are pouring in, we can staff teams with the exact right skill set needed for the job. Or, if things start to slow down, it’s up to you to decide how you want to handle the extra hands on deck.

Because it’s so easy to adjust the size of your team, you’ll be confident that you can take on any sort of project. Your business won’t have to turn any potential client away because you don’t have the resources, staff, or know-how to accomplish a new deal.

Hit the Ground Running

Egen has a deep stable of data scientists, DevOps engineers, front-end engineers, designers, and solution architects. We’ll find the exact combination of people to help you accomplish your mission.  Since our team is onsite and mixed in with your full-time staff members, your business will have the benefit of the best mix of your team’s experience with ours. Because we can build your team at such a rapid pace, you’ll be taking advantage of immediate throughput on your projects. When you add five, or even 20, focused and experienced developers and engineers, your company will be able to achieve growth like never before.

Cost Savings

On the hiring end of the spectrum, working with a company that specializes in hiring experts like Egen means that your business isn’t responsible for HR, IT, or any infrastructure costs, but you’ll still have the same benefit of having a team under one roof to get the job done. Working with TaaS specialists will eliminate the pain points that come with hiring and seeking engineers, saving your business both time and money. You can rest assured that we have brought together the best talent, removing any responsibilities needed for training, which could result in more overhead costs.

Since we’ll be finding the perfect candidates for your business and each specific project, you won’t be bothered with the potential chance of hiring the wrong candidate. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. From the negative impact on team performance to lost customers and even incomplete projects, ensuring you make the right hire is a pivotal choice you’ll make, whether you’re a startup or a large business.

The potential for saving money is often the main reason companies choose to look into TaaS experts when additional team members are needed for a specific project. This will provide your business with a large workforce without the long-term cost commitment that comes hand-in-hand throughout the various stages of the hiring process.

Download our white paper on Digital Strategies for Scaleups.

Become Agile with Egen

To ensure you have the right engineers and developers to accomplish your company’s projects at a fast pace, contact Egen. As experts in TaaS since 2000, we have the experience you’re looking for to stay agile as you scale your team to your exact needs. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and what type of staff you currently have, and we’ll fill the holes with those with the right skill set. You’ll skip the entire process of scouting, hiring, and onboarding individual employees and hire an entire dedicated team in one fell swoop.

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