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Retail Tech: What Consumers Want vs What Retailers are Delivering

Written by

Team Egen

Published on

Nov 01, 2022

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Is there a disconnect between your technology and consumer expectations?

A recent survey by ChaseDesign found that there is a disconnect between what shoppers want in terms of retail technology and what retailers are actually delivering. Here's a closer look at the findings of the study.

Self-checkout: Convenience or Frustration?

One of the most popular technologies that shoppers want is self-checkout, with nearly 60% of respondents saying they would use it "frequently" or "all the time". However, only 11% of shoppers claim to have actually used it frequently or all the time. It seems that while shoppers want the convenience of self-checkout, they're not necessarily finding it convenient in practice. In fact, 43% of respondents said they find self-checkout "somewhat" or "very" frustrating. There could be a number of reasons for this frustration, such as long lines at traditional checkout counters or difficulty using the self-checkout machines. Whatever the reason, retailers will need to find a way to address this issue if they want to make self-checkout a success.

Store Mapping: A necessity for Wayfinding

Another popular technology that shoppers want is store mapping, which helps them navigate their way around the store and find what they're looking for quickly and easily. In fact, it's the No. 2 item shoppers mentioned as a specific technology capability on their phone that sways their choice of retailer. While many retailers have implemented store mapping technology, some have not yet made it available on their mobile app—and this is something that needs to be rectified if retailers want to meet shopper expectations.

Out-of-Stock issues: A major problem for shoppers

More than 70% of shoppers report out of stock issues are a problem and want tech and retailers to help guide them toward solutions. This is where mobile apps can come in handy, as they can notify shoppers when an item they're looking for is back in stock or guide them to similar items that are available. Retailers who are not using technology to solve this problem are missing out on a major opportunity to improve the shopper experience—and increase sales.

What about Chatbots?

More than 55% of shoppers are interested in text messaging, chatbot or voice assistants that can help guide them and provide product info while in the store. Retailers who have not yet implemented chatbot technology are missing out on a major opportunity to improve customer service and drive sales.

As consumer expectations for retail technology continue to rise, retailers need to invest in features that provide a seamless and accessible shopping experience. If you can provide them in time, you'll be well ahead of the competition and much more likely to see increased loyalty and sales.

Interested in creating these experiences for your customers and more? Reach out to us.

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