Rapid Migration of a Legacy Java Monolith for a Major Retail Brand

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Lia Parisyan-Schmidt

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Apr 21, 2023

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Find out how we helped a grocery giant tackle a two-year standstill and the loss of key team members to conquer a critical deadline.

A major online grocery brand was struggling with the migration of its legacy Java monolith, ATG Dynamo, which was over a decade old.

The previous team had spent two years on the migration but with little progress. Key team members left, leaving the project in limbo. With a critical deadline looming, the company approached Egen for help.


  • The client had a tight deadline for onboarding a major food brand in February.
  • Over 40 crucial endpoints were still left to be migrated, including critical functions like add to cart, checkout, and payment processing.
  • The company's front-end teams were not in sync, further complicating the migration process.
  • There was little documentation, processes, or environment consistency, making it difficult to understand the existing codebase.


Our team, consisting of experienced developers and experts, began working on the project in November. The first month was dedicated to researching and understanding the existing system.

We then fast-tracked the migration by adopting a Kanban approach and taking ownership of all aspects of the project, from ticket descriptions to acceptance criteria.


  • In just 5 months, our team successfully migrated all 40 endpoints and even delivered more than what the client initially asked for, including additional tech-related changes and upgrades.
  • Our team became the go-to resource for anything related to the cart as we built technical and domain expertise throughout the project.
  • The client acknowledged our agility, ownership mindset, and rapid delivery in meetings and all-hands calls.

Our team's agile approach, domain expertise, and dedication to the project enabled us to successfully migrate the legacy Java monolith, meeting the client's critical deadline.

With this project behind us, we look forward to supporting their next phase of modernization.

A New Data Architecture Blueprint
A New Data Blueprint 

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