A Global Education Company Transforms How They Do Business Online and Offline

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Jan 10, 2019

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Gazelles is a growing media education company known for throwing great innovation conferences and selling a digital leadership education products around the globe.

A funny thing happens when you build multiple successful businesses. You stop worrying about how things are built and instead focus on growing. As Gazelles was expanding, they found it extremely difficult to grow with all the disparate IT, Marketing, and Sales systems that weren’t talking to each other.

Gazelles reached a tipping point when their growth was limited due to having their digital presence hosted across multiple hosts and web platforms. This caused internal struggles as processes were unique to each business unit which in turn led to a clunky customer experience. The disconnected experience was becoming outwardly apparent and threatening to slow Gazelles impressive growth trend. Gazelles needed the “kitchen sink” of digital transformations to ensure it could keep up with the expectations of its wired clientele.

With the help of our strategy and product team, Gazelles changed how they do business from the ground up. We led their content, commerce, and communications digital transformation.

We simplified and standardized their technology platforms

Gazelles had essentially puzzled together multiple technologies to support their growth. They had various websites on different platforms, multiple payment platforms for different eCommerce offerings, multiple analytics platforms, and an ineffective CRM among other issues. They knew things could be better but they didn’t know how – fortunately we knew exactly what they needed.

Gazelles needed standardization, they needed a systemized approach to managing their business that made processes across business units indistinguishable from one another. They needed to go from complex to simple, from overwhelming to easy.

The digital transformation we provided was a complete overhaul that touched all aspects of the organization. The highlights of which include:

  • We re-built all of the websites on one platform meaning that if you could manage the CMS on one website, you could manage it on all their properties – a delight to their marketing team.
  • We consolidated all web properties to use the same analytics platform enabling access to more robust customer data and enhanced optimization.
  • We modernized their ecommerce platform creating a consistent buying experience whether you registered for an event, bought a digital product, or ordered a physical product.
  • We implemented a world-class CRM that centralized all customer information, automated lead-nurturing, and enabled Gazelles to better know their customers.
  • We created a beautiful iOS and Android app for their major bi-annual ScaleUp conference.

A better customer experience led to more revenue for the same amount of work

The systems we put in place made daily operation simpler and easier allowing the Gazelles team to focus on building their business again instead of fumbling their way through disparate technologies.

When we compared revenue prior and after the transformation, it’s clear that the improved customer experience drove better results, for the same amount of work.

The outcomes that stand out include:

  • A higher lead to customer ratio
  • More e-commerce conversions (aka higher revenue)
  • Happier employees
  • A higher customer satisfaction rate

We built it Fast

When it comes to connecting systems and business processes to help businesses grow, we handle it better than anyone.

We built a proprietary acceleration platform, that allows us to create modern products, quickly. It only took us 5 years and 250,000 development hours to build it. For the past decade, we’ve helped well-funded startups and large brands scale through our extended product development teams.

Based on this experience, we built reusable development components for every product integration possible so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. This turned into Kernel, a platform that we build all of our products on. Basically, we can build modern products with any integration imaginable at half the time and cost.

We used this platform to build the technology components faster than it would take a typical engineering team. This allowed us to get the product to market quickly and iterate based on the findings.

If you’re interested in learning how Egen can help you transform your customer experience, please reach out to us.

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