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5 Key Ways Data is Transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences

Written by

Lia Parisyan-Schmidt

Published on

Jun 09, 2023

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2 min read

  • Healthcare
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  • Data & Analytics

Healthcare accounts for 30% of global data, growing at 36% annually. Don't let your data drown—with structured storage and BI tools. Discover our 5 real-life use cases.

We live in a data-driven world, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

According to a report by RBC Markets, the healthcare industry is responsible for a staggering 30% of the world's data.

By 2025, the rate of data growth in healthcare is expected to reach 36% annually, outpacing sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, and media & entertainment.

But the real question arises: What happens to all this data?

Are you storing your data in organized spreadsheets or letting it drown in messy data swamps?

And having healthcare data alone is not enough.

To gain valuable insights and make important discoveries, you need a solid data architecture and advanced BI tools to convert data into useful information.

Let's explore 5 real-life use cases where we've assisted a global life sciences company leverage the full power and value of their data.

1) Streamlining Data Ingestion and Connectivity

Healthcare data comes from various sources and partners, and consolidating this data can be daunting.

Nonetheless, these comprehensive datasets are crucial for pivotal discoveries and valuable insights.

Using Google Cloud Composer orchestration and Kubernetes node pools, we helped the life sciences company onboard 50 healthcare partners onto a common platform.

As a result, research teams and data teams can access, share and manage data securely and efficiently.

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2. Transitioning from AWS to Google Cloud

Scalable, secure infrastructure is essential for a growing business.

We helped a global life sciences company migrate from AWS to Google Cloud, automating their time-consuming manual workflows. The transition not only expedited the onboarding of health partners but also fostered collaboration and optimize cloud costs.

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3. Implementing Data Observability for Real-Time Monitoring

Timely detection of anomalies and effective data pipeline monitoring is critical to maintaining data integrity and accuracy.

To help the company achieve this, we devised a data observability and error-logging solution for their messaging gateway system. This has improved the quality and reliability of their data significantly.

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4. Creating Applications for Dependency Management

Managing dependencies across multiple clouds can take time and effort.

To tackle this, we developed a suite of platform applications that tracked dependencies, recorded changes, and simplified deployments.

As a result, the global life science company could direct more attention to their core business operations without getting entangled in technical details.

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5. Ensuring Patient Data Privacy

Patient data privacy is paramount.

We devised a strategy to de-identify patient data while integrating clinical and molecular data for research.

With modern data architecture and a data lake house, the company could securely store data in Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and process it using a Big Query data warehouse.

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The Future is Here

Act now to revolutionize your research and patient care through data.

Explore the potential of our healthcare & life sciences expertise.

As a Google Partner specializing in data analytics and a trusted partner to one of the world's leading life sciences companies, we're uniquely equipped to help you make strides in your field.

Tap into your data's potential today! Reach out to us at or give us a call at +1 833-594-1809.

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