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3 Benefits of Using Teams-as-a-Service

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Team Egen

Published on

Aug 28, 2018

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Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company, partnering with experts in TaaS is a great way to ignite innovation as you hit the ground running on new and upcoming tasks and projects.

Ensuring that your company has the appropriate amount of staff to work on any given project is vital to your businesses success. If demands begin to change, you could find it challenging to have the correct amount of knowledgeable team members placed in the right roles. To combat this, working with a company that specializes in Teams-as-a-Service (TaaS) can provide the flexibility your business is lacking to handle shifting staffing needs.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company, partnering with experts in TaaS is a great way to ignite innovation as you hit the ground running on new and upcoming tasks and projects. Learn these three ways your business can leverage TaaS to its full advantage.

Insourcing Experts

When you insource using TaaS, you are creating a team of developers or contracts that you hire. These team members do not work directly for the company, but they do work in your office. On the other hand, outsourcing is when these developers or contracts work outside the office.

There are many reasons why insourcing is oftentimes the better choice for businesses, one being all of your team members are in the same place. This eliminates any issues that come with different time zones, which in turn improves communication throughout your entire team. We have also found that members of your team that you insource get work completed at a faster rate than those you outsourced. Plus, with the cost savings attached to insourcing, you’ll truly have an advantage over your competition.

Choosing the route of TaaS allows your business to employee those with the specific skills and talents that are needed to complete projects and meet approaching deadlines without the need for elaborate training and internal development. You’ll be able to access the attributes of your current team and determine what skills are still needed to finish a project, and then choose to hire only the best.

These specialized skill sets may be on your must-have list for one project, but not necessarily in the long-term roadmap for your business. TaaS makes it easy for you to find individuals with the specific talent that is needed without having to commit to utilizing that unique niche in the future.

Since your business will have these experts in-house, you’ll be able to combine the best modern development practices with your extensive domain knowledge.

Rapidly Scale New Features

Time is so frequently of the essence, especially when working to develop various features or software updates. When new projects get added to the schedule, and you need more hands on deck, take advantage of how quickly a team can be placed on site with TaaS, and the accelerated rate in which new members of your team can be working to deploy code to a project. Consider the scale in which adding five, or even 20, focused and experienced developers, engineers, product managers, and designers will bring to your projects. Once we connect your business with the candidates with the right experience, they can be in-office and put to work in no time.

Utilizing TaaS ensures that your business can quickly scale a new feature or service to gain advantages over the competition. Since your team consists of members with the specific expertise needed, developing various projects and features is done at a rapid pace. Managers of each project have all of the resources they need to streamline projects and keep them moving without having to oversee too much of the overall completion, so their time can be spent on more relevant issues.

Because of this, each team is functioning at a high speed and your business will be growing rapidly with shorter time to launch windows. And because your team has specialized skill sets, your product will have more innovative features by the time it hits the market, making it one-step above anything that your competition is producing.

Large Workforce Without Long-Term Cost Commitment

There is no denying that the hiring process can stretch out for weeks, with the end result being a cost commitment and a potential liability for your business. You’ll have to keep in mind how long it takes to interview candidates, check their references, and potentially perform a background check. There may also need to be negotiations in terms of pay and benefits.

Working with TaaS specialists eliminates these pain points, saving time and money. You can rest assured that they have brought together the best talent, removing any responsibilities needed for training, which could result in more overhead costs.

The potential for saving money is often the main reason companies choose to look into TaaS experts when additional team members are needed for a specific project. This will provide your business with a large workforce without the long-term cost commitment that comes hand-in-hand throughout the various stages of the hiring process.

Contact Egen to Get Started

At Egen, we have specialized in TaaS since 2000. When you’re looking to hire new onsite team members, just describe your ideal team and we’ll provide you with the perfect match. You’ll skip the entire process of scouting, hiring, and onboarding each individual employee while having an entire dedicated team in one fell swoop. You will be confident knowing that your team consists of top-notch experts who can work at a rapid pace to get your list of projects off the ground. To get started on ramping up your teams for upcoming projects, contact Egen so we can find you the employees who will be the best fit.

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