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10 Reasons Why Businesses Consider Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Written by

Lia Parisyan-Schmidt

Published on

Jun 07, 2023

Reading time

3 min read

  • Cloud
  • ML & AI
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Unleash the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for your business. From scalability and big data processing to cost reduction and application development, find out why GCP is a top choice.

Why do businesses consider Google Cloud?

The reasons are many (and vary), but here are some motivators that get business and IT leaders thinking about GCP.

1. Scalability Needs

Growing fast?

Your infrastructure may need help handling increased load and data processing.
That may be enough to drive some businesses to move to Google Cloud, thanks to GCP’s flexible cloud services and pricing.

At Egen, we’ve written THE guide on reducing your cloud costs and can help you choose the best cloud services and pricing for your business goals.

2. Big Data Processing

If your company needs to process and analyze large volumes of data, the big data solutions by GCP, such as BigQuery and Dataflow, might be right up your alley.

In fact, we helped Sifter, a leading nutrition-as-a-service provider, adopt BigQuery.

But the journey to becoming the go-to platform for personalized nutrition by diet and lifestyle wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Sifter needed to cut costs and maintain strict data security standards 🔐 while keeping its innovative edge.

Check out these RESULTS👀

1️⃣ Logging architecture overhaul: $12,000 savings per year.
2️⃣ Compute services optimization: Transitioning from Azure general-purpose VMs in a pay-as-you-go model to a 1-year reservation saved 50% on VM costs.
3️⃣ Switched to memory-optimized VMs: Extended the reservation to 3 years without additional cost and saved an extra 66%.

Tech Stack:

  • Data storage: Postgres (relational database), Elasticsearch (for read-heavy operations), Google BigQuery (for analysis)
  • API layer: Python-based services using the Flask framework
  • Data pipelines: Airflow
  • Front end: Vue.js with Nuxt.js framework
  • Version management: GitHub
  • CI/CD pipelines: Azure DevOps and Azure
  • Other technologies: Redis (for syncing services that don’t interact with each other), Segment (for event tracking)

🏆 Read the full story here

3. AI and Machine Learning Needs

Businesses looking to bring AI and machine learning into their operations consider Google Cloud’s AI Platform and ML Engine.

4. Migration to the Cloud

If a company plans to migrate its infrastructure from on-prem servers to the cloud, this can be a major reason for adding GCP to its consideration list.

👀 Did you know that transitioning from AWS to Google Cloud can bring big benefits to your business?

We recently helped an AI-driven global life sciences company migrate to Google Cloud and helped them realize:

🚀Faster onboarding for health partners
🚀Streamlined data workflows
🚀Efficient data delivery for patients, physicians, and researchers

We used Google’s data transfer service to move petabytes of data with near-zero downtime. This reduced onboarding time for new health partners and decreased ingestion to analytics time.

🔎Learn how we did it

5. Cost Reduction

GCP offers competitive pricing and flexible payment options. If a company is seeking to reduce IT costs, the potential cost savings heavily influence the decision to invest in GCP.

6. Expansion

Companies need a cloud platform with a vast network reach as they expand globally. GCP’s global network of data centers offers businesses the flexibility they need as they realize their cross-continental visions.

7. Data Security

If a company is concerned about its data security, Google Cloud’s robust security features are enough to prompt a conversation. Make sure your CISO and compliance teams are involved early in the discovery and research stage to ensure all your questions are being considered and answered.

8. App Development

If you are seeking a platform for developing and deploying applications, you might be drawn to Google Cloud’s App Engine.

App Engine empowers your developers with zero server management and effortless deployments. With support for popular development languages and a wide range of developer tools, App Engine ensures that your team stays agile and productive.

*And the best part? *

New customers receive $300 in free credits, with 28 F1 instance hours in the standard environment provided daily at no cost. Have questions? Our app experts can help. Click here to chat.

9. Downtime Reduction

If a company has experienced issues with downtime and is looking for a highly reliable platform, GCP’s redundancy and uptime guarantees are attractive features.

Check out The Ultimate Checklist to Obliterate Software Downtime 🚀

10. Integration with Google Services

Easy integration with the Google Cloud Platform can motivate companies heavily invested in other Google services like Google Workspace, YouTube, or Google Ads.

No matter where you fall, as a Google Cloud consulting partner specializing in Data Analytics, we can help you save money, move your data to the cloud, consolidate your tech stack, and drive business results and innovation with GCP’s comprehensive cloud offerings.

Visit our Google Cloud Consulting page, or click here to contact us directly.

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