What We Do

Whether it's building a brand new product, or building a product that integrates with your existing
IT systems, we got you covered. We help our clients get to market faster and smarter.

Data Engineering & Analytics

Our engineering teams excel at architecting and executing complex data and analytics solutions. We believe in building prototypes and building minimal valuable products to show the business value of the data.


Application Development

We build scalable, instantly deployable, secure and cost-effective applications that help in delivering exceptional customer experiences. From full-stack developers to turnkey application structure, you can put our apps to work right out of the gate.


Enterprise IT Modernization

Whether you need to migrate an existing application to the cloud, fast-track prototyping of a data driven application, or need someone to maintain your AWS environment, our technical team is prepared.

Trusted Partners

Featured Work

Custom solutions, innovated for performance. Check out some of the ways we have
created platforms for our customers across industries.
How We Digitally Transformed a 50-Year-Old Mid-Market Security Company.

We had one goal: Build a physical and digital experience that is seamless to our security personnel and provides our client with real-time compliance information across multiple locations.

How we helped a Global
Education Company Transform
How They Do Business Online
and Offline.

The systems we put in place made daily operation simpler and easier allowing the Gazelles team to focus on building their business again instead of fumbling their way through disparate technologies.


Written By Our Best

Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript

Kashyap Mukkamala

Written by an UI Architect of our egen team, this book provides a step by step guide with a thorough discussion on the analysis and design of fundamental JavaScript data structures and better understanding of advanced concepts such as space and time complexity to optimize your code. By the end of the book you will have gained the skills and expertise necessary to create and employ various data structures in a way that is demanded by your project or use case.


Microservices Deployment Cookbook

Vikram Murugesan

Written by a Data Architect of our egen team, this book will help any team or organization understand, deploy, and manage microservices at scale. It is driven by a sample application, helping you gradually build a complete microservice-based ecosystem. Rather than just focusing on writing a microservice, this book addresses various other microservice-related solutions: deployments, clustering, load balancing, logging, streaming, and monitoring.