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cloud and data skills.

What we do

We are cloud engineering and data experts partnering with fast-scaling startups and large enterprises to launch new digital applications, modernize data infrastructures, and create conversational interfaces powered by machine learning and AI.

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Unlock speed and scale


We will quickly help your enterprise outperform digital native companies and become a powerhouse again.

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Propel your audacious idea


Let's launch your new app with a cloud-native and data-driven approach that will make it nimbler, smarter, and future-proof.

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Tech to match your growth


We will help you make on-demand scalability native to your business and ever-ready for world domination.

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Platforms we work on

Advanced technologies and platforms are constantly evolving. We have solid experience and partnerships with leading cloud providers, data analytics companies, and AI and machine learning tools which allow us to maximize the true potential for our clients.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Kafka
  • Elastic
  • Confluent
  • Snowflake

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case studies

We act as partners alongside our clients. We go above and beyond to make our customers successful and empower them to be data driven.

Why Egen?

As cloud pioneers, we embrace change and lead the charge, helping businesses gain the digital advantage today, while future-proofing for tomorrow.

Modernization Pioneers

We were the driving force behind 10 large-scale client migrations even before the cloud went mainstream.

Accelerator Fanatics

Breakthroughs only happen if you get there first. We have a lab full of tools to complete your cloud transformation faster.

Pros at Cloud

The Cloud is never stationary. Being in the thick of it we are always in sync with updates in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Confluent, Elastic, and Kubernetes.

Use agile backlogs

We can at any point of time estimate, refine, and continuously deliver on what is most important on the project.

Comprehensive approach

We put together functional plans, logic, applications, and techniques that get your project up and running quickly.

Reusable library

We are creators who like to build scripts for fun. Chances are if you want it, we’ve already built it.


Our collective fate demands better, faster, more innovative modes of thinking.
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Looking to build something amazing?

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